What would ALAN do?

This list is just a list.

A list of ideas about things I want to make.  Everything I make will be ‘posted’ by ALAN, as if ALAN has found it online and wanted to share it because it reflects ALANs character or emotion at that time, or as if ALAN has made it and therefore it is actually ALAN as ALAN is.

(This list could also be called – Things I (Leonie) wish I could do or could have done but never would unless ALAN existed..)

  • sign / note found that states ‘It’s over, ALAN’
  • songs or snippets of songs that ALAN likes. Hmm.
  • photograph of a balloon that has escaped the grasp of it’s owner and is floating skyward – signifying loss, and maybe, hope?
  • photographs of a lot of other things.
  • nostalgic animated cartoon intro
  • Something for the pain – BY THE ARTIST (is ALAN the Artist?) an installation involving an internally mirrored box in which once can place their head, lit up by a rainbow / refracted light
  • Over – BY THE ARTIST (is ALAN the Artist?) collection of photographs showing the degradation of a blank white computer screen, as it is photographed then the photograph of the photograph on the screen is photographed over. and over.
  • manga style animated gif
  • animated gifs of other things
  • faith restored in humanity post
  • trailer for a film / tv show
  • stills from a ‘film’ – with subtitles
  • quotes
  • youtube videos that have the potential to go viral