Unit 02 Assessment


• Present a resolved body of original creative practice that has evidenced the systematic enhancement of your knowledge and understanding

I’m not sure my work will ever be resolved.  However, I am resolved to the idea that Art = Life / Life = Art.  Over the past two years I have gone from not really knowing who I am or what I am capable of, from an honestly depressive state where life was a mess and there seemed so way out to actually doing things I want to do, interacting with other people with self confidence and making things happen, in a creative sense.  To a bystander this may seem of little interest, but to me, it is life changing.

So, I present to you – me.

I am the body of work.

I am now a practicing original creative. (seriously I would NEVER have said this before starting my work.  And now it is one of the most important parts of me.)

I am now a functioning human.  And that has all been made possible from writing my proposal to exploring different methods of being, through ALAN, through daring, through having a reason to make art : art, which thus has compelled me to a life.

I think my Research Presentation does a good job of explaining how my work has evolved.
Symposium II reflects upon and explains how my work resolved itself.
I have dumped a whole load of images here that document me / ALAN over the past year. 
And there are a copius amounts of research links here, more documentation of Life equal-ing Art here – Not a Journal, and a major project outline (WHIRRR) here.  
Ideas/Solutions for my final show piece are here.
I am pretty sure loaaaaads of evidence supporting my life as art has not been documented on this blog – countless situations i’ve been in and conversations with people I’ve met as ALAN, but some documentation of this is here and here.
The most pro photo you’ll ever see of ALAN is here, and the most grunge photo you’ll ever see of ALAN is here.
ALAN/Me/I am multi-faceted, complicated and exist.  Some realities are still illusory.  But. through artistic practice I am (finally) daring to be myself – whomever that may be.
My summary is not written but you can listen to it here :  
(Apologies if you don’t like kids)

After this?  Growing this.  Because what’s the point in living an artless life?