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Kembra Pfahler

Performer Kembra Pfahler Wants Us All to Change the World

“The time is nigh to act quickly, aggressively, to be explosive,” the iconic American artist tells AnOther


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intimate text messages

Centred on his long distance relationship with Matt G, Tex is built almost entirely through text messages, soaked in selfies, Emojis and unpunctuated web speak.

beau rice bares all in a novel built out of his intimate text messages




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How Naming Confers Dignity Upon Life and Gives Meaning to Existence

Taken from BP

“Finding the words is another step in learning to see.”


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Treating depression by talking to an avatar of yourself

We speak to a therapist who’s using virtual reality to help people with mental health problems


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Swipe Right

Taken from Nowness


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Photographers’ most intriguing alter egos

Taken from Dazed Digital

A classic arthouse femme fatale, an Insta-scammer and Warhol in drag: these photographers are exploring the personalities of our second selves


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The Artist Using Social Media As Her Stage

Taken from Another

From bathroom booty shots to a personal reinvention, a new exhibition explores how Amalia Ulman’s take on Instagram tropes has held the digital sphere captivated

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The digi-pop singer turning her online insecurities into art

Rina Sawayama creates a new sound for internet struggles in this exclusive premiere of new video ‘Where U Are’

Taken from Dazed Digital
Rina Sawayama
Photography Agnes Lloyd-Platt


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Five Female Artists Turning Hotel Selfies into Art

Taken from Amuse

Check in, take your clothes off and make some art


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Liberating our ‘imperfect’ bodies through photography

Taken from Dazed Digital

With the recent news that teenage boys are 3.5 more body positive than girls, it’s time to take representation seriously


Do You Have to Be Depressed to Be Creative?

Taken from Guff

“The tortured artist is a popular stereotype in mainstream media, with extremely dangerous implications.”


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Taken from The Brooklyn Rail

The Book of Ruth


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Taken from Fact


Zac’s Haunted House

This Novel Is Made Entirely of Terrifying GIFs


Networking the Personal, and Anthropomorphized Technology in Addie Wagenknecht’s Artwork

In much of her work, Austria-based artist Addie Wagenknecht takes the concept of connectedness, and technological networks as a jumping off point, and a means to comment on human interaction. Wagenknecht, the recipient of a 2014 Andy Warhol Foundation grant, member of the Free Art & Technology (F.A.T.) Lab and cofounder of NORTD Labs, who’s shown her work around the world, including at the  Museum of Modern Art and Phillips auction house, has two shows coming up:  subversiv at the GrazMuseum on February 25th, and Panopticon, at the Utah Museum of Contemporary Art in Salt Lake City, opening February 13th.

We asked Wagenknecht to talk us through a couple of her most recent pieces.




Symptomatic of a relationship gone sour:

Symptomatic of a relationship gone sour: Heartburn/Nausea is a new book from artist/designer Julia Fox that details just how high the ‘highs’ can be and just how low the ‘lows’ can be. (more…)

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Who Am I


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It’s inspiring

Mark Leckey //

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