WHIRRR : Reality is an illusion // Review

My sis wrote this amazing review of the event – she never usually parts with such emotion.  I’m so pleased the night had this effect on her – pretty much exactly what I wanted it to do.


Review of “reality is alanllusion’: (Editors note. > Notice she wrote alanllusion. nice. ha.)
If I was to describe the way I felt during the ‘reality is an illusion’ gig the only way I can explain is that my aura was re-established when I stood in the space, as I absorbed the sounds around me it spoke to me. The music seemed tho flow through my eyes and into my bloodstream.
If my skin was a colour it would be the psychedelic geometric shapes slung across the beams with the flashy but muted lights that were projected through the people. In my real life I feel like I am wrapped by a bubble. As I walk through my daily routine no one ever enters my bubble and I don’t really let myself out of it. I often feel disassociated from the reality of life and can quite happily walk through it and agree but when I listened to the music that night it seemed to melt my bubble for a few moments or my bubble expanded to let the music in. I finally felt the emotions I’ve been lacking in reality. Although it seemed like it was not real – it was real-or was it? In those few moments of drums I was completely surrounded by the beat and coupled with the visuals it seemed to speak to my body in turn making my hands draw with charcoal the people around me. I had no control over what I was drawing it was all the music and visuals, which seems strange but that’s the only way I can describe. The screaming guitar and the neon streaks caught my hidden antenna in my brain. The physicality of the solo guitarist made my legs shake in a good way and the black backdrop with colour splashes caught all my brain cells in an amazing fight which made me feel like I was inside the music that was being played. When Liola played, the sweet hums and chanting poetry calmed my twisted nervous system and all my worries drifted out of this world and let a space like substance (likened to all the stars in the sky + the black stuff and dust) into my body. I’m not really too sure if this makes sense but it makes sense to me. If I died in that moment I think that’s what death would be like but it’s also the time I truly felt alive. It’s a non-reality reality!



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