Tutorial 1

Notes taken from my 1st Tutorial with Jonathan


ME : HELP (basically)

J : Our interest is in the process of the work..


Me : I’ve changed the focus of my proposal – instead of concentrating on social media,  my proposal has changed to be ‘smaller’ – in that the project is just about one person, so it doesn’t matter if anyone follows ALAN or not, which will allow me to focus more on the content of ALANs world rather than getting caught up in social networking (where before I was concerned with getting people to ‘like’ ALAN, and follow ALAN – but have come to the conclusion that such a thing isn’t really viable, and anyway who cares and why do I care if anyone cares or not) // Trying to simplify things for myself  // but I haven’t actually made anything yet…

Jonathan : Just start … ! (basically)


Practices of everyday life –


Me : ALAN isn’t really fun // because I’m not really a fun person // ALAN is just the same as me, but different // I’m not trying to create a whole new identity – just trying to maybe explore the identity I’ve got through the eyes of someone else…


J : (ALAN) is still bound in who you are .. ?


Me : I didn’t want to make ALAN an absurd character //  ALAN is more a reflection of me // I’m trying to narrow down a perspective on what makes a life // Getting to grasp with human emotion and what it means to be a person, focusing in on one event that may have occurred – so ALAN doesn’t become ‘diluted’ – rather a concentrated effort on understanding how one moment can effect someones life // I think having narrow parameters will help me work more effectively…


J : Expand on the notion of ‘not diluted’


Me : ERM // I think it’s really easy with the internet to post what ever you want to post, and as I have lots of different interests, I want to stay away from just being completely random in the work that I produce, so even though ALANsWorld might look a bit disjointed or random at times it all links and comes back to this one point that happened in ALANs life // I need to set parameters to work in, especially for myself, as I have a tendency to go off on different tangents with everything I do and not finish what I started…


J : would it be fair to describe it (ALAN) as having a sense of authenticity?


Me : It’s definitely something I want to try and adhere to – I’m still trying to figure out who ALAN is //


ALAN Theory – there’s me, there’s ALAN, there’s a world outside of both of us, but then there’s a world that interlinks us, what happens in my life affects ALANs life, what happens when ALAN makes something or posts something affects my reality, ALAN is the centric force – so ALAN needs to have a specific character in order to ground everything – as everything that happens in all the worlds will be held / evidenced on ALANsWorld.co.uk


J : So are you going to ‘find out’ who ALAN is?


Me : Yes, I need to have some characteristics in place at the start, just to anchor the project, however I hope there will be space for ALAN to grow and evolve – the character of ALAN will affect everything – I hope to explore the concept that the life of a person determines their character and vice versa..


J : earlier you hinted at an event that ‘starts’ the blog


ME : Yep, and I’ve been thinking so much about this pivotal point – at the moment it’s a post of a sign that says ‘It’s over, ALAN’ – however I’ve been scared to do it as I don’t know if it’s too abstract / too weird


J : No, I like that – it could go in lots of different directions..


Me :

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