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I had a dream

last night, I was visiting an art exhibition but it was in a kind of classroom and the artist that was exhibiting had created a sort of map that changed as you walked through it (like holographically) even though to walk through the map you would only walk through tables, and then he put on a wig (EW MY WORST THING) and lipstick and was in a video about something, I think he said ‘do you like me?’ and I did like him, even though he had a wig on, and it wasn’t a video it was real life, then everyone went to his house for dinner and I had bought some bread that someone else really wanted (it was a black olive ciabatta) but I could never see the bread in the dream but I knew it existed and so did everyone else, and this woman kept asking where’s the bread and I just said it’s there – but I didn’t go into the dinner party I just left because I don’t like wigs.. especially when they’re combined with food.

I’m not remembering anything correctly

but it was a good dream