EDIT // Symposium II Crit.

(Taken from Skype)

[01/06/2017, 15:49:41] Patrick Henry: ha brillant voiceover
[01/06/2017, 15:50:18] Edward Kelly: Patrick – I think that might be ALAN – Leonie’s alter-ego
[01/06/2017, 15:50:38] Patrick Henry: yes ALAN in the house
[01/06/2017, 15:50:52] Leonie DuBarry-Gurr: i took loads reverb out! on purpose!
[01/06/2017, 15:51:36] Leonie DuBarry-Gurr: just for you Ed 😛
[01/06/2017, 15:51:59] Edward Kelly: Another hint – boost in the 1-2 KHz range can really help the intelligibility of voices.
[01/06/2017, 15:52:07] Jonathan Kearney: struggling to hear in the studio so I have started it again with some different speakers
[01/06/2017, 15:52:32] Leonie DuBarry-Gurr: sounded fine to me when i did it – sorry .. 🙂
[01/06/2017, 15:52:47] Patrick Henry: sounds fine on vimeo
[01/06/2017, 15:53:20] Edward Kelly: Hey – it’s fine. Keep learning. Also, test on speakers and headphones. (Also the acoustics in this room are terrible_ 🙁
[01/06/2017, 15:53:59] Edward Kelly: We tweaked the EQ to compensate for this room and it’s OK now
[01/06/2017, 15:54:07] Leonie DuBarry-Gurr: it’s a custom made ‘alan’ setting on my vfx unit tested on phones and mac speakers
[01/06/2017, 15:54:40] David Somers: ALAN has a voice!
[01/06/2017, 15:54:45] Patrick Henry: lovely pastoral psychedelic feel to that, sad barrett era pink floyd
[01/06/2017, 15:54:52] Edward Kelly: Is that you with pitch shift Leonie?
[01/06/2017, 15:55:17] Patrick Henry: *syd
[01/06/2017, 15:55:22] Leonie DuBarry-Gurr: yup its me – my voice sounds so much better as alan – dropped a few semitones
[01/06/2017, 15:55:33] Leonie DuBarry-Gurr: or octaves ha
[01/06/2017, 15:56:02] Céline: esoteric
[01/06/2017, 15:56:23] Patrick Henry: hammer horror..
[01/06/2017, 15:56:29] Edward Kelly: OK, then when you’re using a really extreme (low) pitch-shift effect, it is wise to speak more slowly. Don’t worry, we got it, but also art galleries are usually echoic spaces with ectremely wet acoustics.
[01/06/2017, 15:56:53] Patrick Henry: alan rip
[01/06/2017, 15:57:03] Leonie DuBarry-Gurr: ‘he’ but only for the purposes of not saying ALAN all the time
[01/06/2017, 15:57:06] Leonie DuBarry-Gurr: genderless
[01/06/2017, 15:57:09] Katerina Psimmenou: is it really? don’t think so
[01/06/2017, 15:57:21] Patrick Henry: HAVE U THE DOTS ON YOUR EYES leonie?
[01/06/2017, 15:57:30] Leonie DuBarry-Gurr: just lower range of voice
[01/06/2017, 15:57:59] Katerina Psimmenou: I really like the aesthetics of the video and visuals you use, I think it creates an unsettling universe
[01/06/2017, 15:58:22] Patrick Henry: r u doing a video piece/projection for the final show?
[01/06/2017, 15:58:29] David Somers: Really nice compilation of things that you/ALAN have done/are doing.
[01/06/2017, 15:58:41] Patrick Henry: wheres the alan mug?
[01/06/2017, 15:59:02] Leonie DuBarry-Gurr: no dots!!! don’t need them any more – they are a part of me
[01/06/2017, 15:59:09] Katerina Psimmenou: are you more focused in sound/music for the final performance?
[01/06/2017, 15:59:20] Leonie DuBarry-Gurr: all the visuals are evidence from being ALAN
[01/06/2017, 15:59:38] Leonie DuBarry-Gurr: no narrative – yes just clips of time
[01/06/2017, 15:59:54] sharon bertram: So the spirit of Alan is passing on?
[01/06/2017, 16:00:01] Leonie DuBarry-Gurr: the music in the video was the last thing that ALAN recorded
[01/06/2017, 16:00:06] Leonie DuBarry-Gurr: Im the drummer!
[01/06/2017, 16:00:12] Leonie DuBarry-Gurr: ALAN joined a punk band!
[01/06/2017, 16:00:49] Patrick Henry: will the performance piece be an exorcism of ALAN?
[01/06/2017, 16:00:50] Leonie DuBarry-Gurr: sometimes i still wear dots for special occasions / like having an ALAN boost ha
[01/06/2017, 16:01:09] Leonie DuBarry-Gurr: the spirit / essence of ALAN will always be with me
[01/06/2017, 16:01:18] Katerina Psimmenou: an exorcism or a call?
[01/06/2017, 16:01:20] Patrick Henry: essence…ALAN as perfume
[01/06/2017, 16:02:17] Leonie DuBarry-Gurr: not angry with that Jonathan ha I think thats all true
[01/06/2017, 16:03:08] Leonie DuBarry-Gurr: yes that description was right – was never trying to be someone else – was trying to find out who i was
[01/06/2017, 16:03:34] Katerina Psimmenou: yes I wouldn’t say 2 people in 1 body – probably an extension to knowing yourself
[01/06/2017, 16:03:54] Katerina Psimmenou: ALAN boost 🙂
[01/06/2017, 16:03:58] sharon bertram: Is Alan like a spiritual force but not so much in a religious sense.
[01/06/2017, 16:04:31] Katerina Psimmenou: it’s more inner and personal
[01/06/2017, 16:04:39] Leonie DuBarry-Gurr: the music / audio will be performed yes – but thats not where the ‘art’ is – its more like – the art is me actually being there. before ALAN i hadn’t played the violin for 15 years – without ALAN I wouldn’t be here now – its more stuff like that. There is no final piece.
[01/06/2017, 16:05:10] Patrick Henry: ALAN made me do it guvnor…
[01/06/2017, 16:05:31] Leonie DuBarry-Gurr: I was recently in a Q&A with the artist Grayson Perry – who proposed that identity is not that which you are – but that which you show to others. We have one persona – however we reveal many different facets of character on a continuous basis – each one dependant on all of life’s variables.
[01/06/2017, 16:05:53] Patrick Henry: perry is a cross dresser is he not?
[01/06/2017, 16:05:54] Katerina Psimmenou: I also liked your research about living/being art, really interesting point of view, especially in this case
[01/06/2017, 16:06:55] Katerina Psimmenou: there are a lot of views upon what identity is – I guess through your art/as in life you are trying to find out what you are
[01/06/2017, 16:07:19] Leonie DuBarry-Gurr: Katerina – Yep thats right 🙂
[01/06/2017, 16:08:41] Leonie DuBarry-Gurr: Very inspirational to me that Claude Cahun’s self portraits weren’t meant for public – who cares if you don’t show everything of yourself – you have to do things for yourself too. ALAN did loads of stuff for me but I’m not gonna let you all know about every little thing! It’s personal – but I’ll let you in on some of it 😛
[01/06/2017, 16:09:40] Leonie DuBarry-Gurr: I didn’t get to say in the video but my work now is focused on passing ALAN on
[01/06/2017, 16:10:04] sharon bertram: @leonie yeah I hear you on that one!
[01/06/2017, 16:10:22] Leonie DuBarry-Gurr: my installation (after the performance) meant for audience participation will reflect – quite literally – a myriad of fluid, changeful self-portraits, ‘painted’ with the medium of both self image and transcendental sound. The portraits – which by their nature are true characterisations of ones identity – are affected by the reality of seeing a glimpse of oneself from differing angles, enhanced by the aural accompaniment which occurs naturally and with authenticity as one is in the space.
[01/06/2017, 16:10:28] Leonie DuBarry-Gurr: sorry about all the text!
[01/06/2017, 16:10:33] Leonie DuBarry-Gurr: We are all ALAN!
[01/06/2017, 16:11:11] sharon bertram: I see your performance as passing on… 😀
[01/06/2017, 16:11:13] Katerina Psimmenou: looking forward to see that 🙂
[01/06/2017, 16:11:17] Leonie DuBarry-Gurr: The installation becomes a multi-dimensional, multi-faceted, all-encompassing, created world – in which either the performer or the audience-as-performer is able to question and reflect, through the use of sound and image, as to what their reality, self and identification, actually is.
[01/06/2017, 16:11:26] Patrick Henry: ALAN is getting the push


I was a bit annoyed that my ALAN voice didn’t come through as intended at first – I actually worked really hard on finding clarity and the tone of ALAN’s voice for the video – I guess not being able to test on different speakers was a downfall – and something I will definitely consider in the future.

I found this process of summarising my work/life for the past year and trying to condense it into a measly 5 minutes that was coherent yet also ALAN enough incredibly difficult.  BUT.  I think that the stuff that people ‘got’ and comments from other students and tutors was pretty on point, so hopefully that means I was clear enough and said enough and showed enough.

I think by the end everyone understood that ALAN and I were actually ONE – As in we are not separate (and never were, even though I was figuring that out in the beginning). Of course some confusion was to be expected – but during the Q+A after the video presentation i hope I was able to explain some of the finer points.  It doesn’t really matter if anyone gets anything or not anyway (as mentioned in the vid) but It is always a positive / bonus if people do.  But I guess I’m not trying to explain myself to anyone (I know I have to for the purposes of the course!) but ultimately this work is so much more than that.. as long as I know what I’m doing (which mostly I don’t!) and why (Why?!!!) then everything will be ok.  At this point I’m kinda past caring whether I actually pass this MA ha – although i needed some sort of structure and it has been helpful (especially being able to have a tutor like Jonathan to talk things through with), the qualification is not the prize.  The fact that I have actually changed my life via ‘Art’ is immeasurable.  And I guess that’s the only thing I care about people being able to get from my explanations.


Some good comments in this video (live recording of crit in the studio)



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