Not a Journal Episode ?

[19:37, 1/30/2017] Leonie DuBarry-Gurr: Went trump rally but it was finishing and people hate me. Well I got there and they were like bye I just feel like an average person who is over 30 and dresses like a tramp FOR REAL but perhaps it looks like I’m trying too hard to be cool cos I should have my shit together by now .. Not trying to get in with the kids. They don’t know how trugoth I am because I hide behind hey and how are you in a high voice like I might be happy. And also I’m not a lesbian. But yeh ha I dunno I just like want a friend FFS!
[19:38, 1/30/2017] Alex Lexi: Why do you think people hate you? They don’t mean anything to you. You are the truest Goth I know
[19:38, 1/30/2017] Alex Lexi: Why care what other people think of you?
[19:38, 1/30/2017] Natasha: I don’t understand what happened
[19:38, 1/30/2017] Natasha: You don’t look average
[19:38, 1/30/2017] Natasha: I think you look siiiiick everyday
[20:04, 1/30/2017] Leonie DuBarry-Gurr: Ha. Yeh but you’re sisters . I know. Just like. Rah I hate everyone (but really I love everyone) and BOB
[20:04, 1/30/2017] Natasha: I get you completely
[20:04, 1/30/2017] Natasha: My dad was my friend today
[20:04, 1/30/2017] Leonie DuBarry-Gurr: Dad bestie
[20:05, 1/30/2017] Leonie DuBarry-Gurr: Dads not even my friend right now hahaa
[20:05, 1/30/2017] Natasha: Destie
[20:05, 1/30/2017] Natasha: No?
[20:05, 1/30/2017] Natasha: He was interred in your Alan night. He😻u

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