Not a Journal Episode ?

[12:44, 3/16/2017] Leonie DuBarry-Gurr: Today’s update : ALONE ALANE
[12:58, 3/16/2017] Natasha: Update us allen
[13:08, 3/16/2017] Alex Lexi: I just rang my finance department for a package and he asked me if my sister was Naomi and I said leonie. What’s your name and he said I know your mum and I was like oh who are you. And he said
[13:08, 3/16/2017] Alex Lexi: Alan
[13:10, 3/16/2017] Natasha: Hahahah
[13:28, 3/16/2017] Leonie DuBarry-Gurr: What!?!
[13:28, 3/16/2017] Alex Lexi: I know
[13:28, 3/16/2017] Alex Lexi: Alan white
[13:28, 3/16/2017] Leonie DuBarry-Gurr: Oh haha yeh I know him
[13:29, 3/16/2017] Leonie DuBarry-Gurr: Old guy mom goes gigs with
[13:29, 3/16/2017] Leonie DuBarry-Gurr: 😂
[13:29, 3/16/2017] Alex Lexi: I was like this is the most surreal thing to happen over the phone in my current life

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