This is a post that started with a reflection.

I can’t quite pinpoint the moment when I decided I wanted to use mirrors as part of my work – but I have always loved them, and their other worldly qualities.  I know it is a bit of a cliche to use a mirror to illustrate reflection / identity – but sometimes – if something works – then – it’s ok?  Nothing is original anyway.

I started looking at other artists that use reflective materials in their work / and also different ways of using video in installation.  I knew I wanted a multi-dimensional piece – definitely something with a capacity to have audio within it – moving image was a bonus – shiny stuff everywhere appealed to me.

For more info on this please see towards the end of my research presentation


After my initial proposal predicted that the outcome of my work would result in a blog – with pictures of videos – of ALAN – I know that this departure is quite far removed from that.

BUT to have a blog – even if there was other stuff to accompany it – would now seem quite unnatural – and definitely disturbing for me.  To have a group of selfies and video clips and writing and stuff all all with my face on it for the general public to look at is one of the worst things I can imagine.  Moving on from ALAN – that is – recognising that ALAN is integral to me, and that there is the possibility for everyone to have their own personal version of ALAN – the prospect of having something where others could experience ALAN’s world first hand seems like the only place for my work to go.

So – how do I share ALAN with others?  Although I’m amazed by it I can’t go down the VR route – too big a learning curve for such a short amount of time – and also I’m still stuck in an analogue aesthetic.  How do you display reality as an illusion?  How do you give others something to look at or listen to that is so familiar to them/represents their real life – yet also has the ethereal quality of another dimension?

From the photo dump here photos you can see and also cannot see how much time and effort I have spent on looking.  At mirrors.  At reflection.  I was trying to find the perfect solution.


Not sure there is one.


One time I/ALAN even almost got arrested because I arranged some highly polished toothbrush holders in Wilko’s into a formation (that henceforth became the starting point to my installation for the final show.





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