So.. I start uploading my video with 20 minutes to deadline (I live on the edge) and the internet goes down.

Irony?  Hilarious, Universe.

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It will be here soon…


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Firstly – here is the transcript from the video (I had to spell my name how it is said phonetically in order for a robot to pronounce it properly).

The idea that ALAN (who at the moment primarily exists because other people keep talking about ‘him’)  is responsible for how Lee oh knee’s reality is currently shaped seems absurd. ALAN is made up, a state of mind, and therefore most of her work thus far has been exploring the consciousness that She is aware of when ‘being’ ALAN.
When Lee oh knee, as ALAN documents the events that arise out of this ‘second life’, that is when something tangible happens. If an image, video or a piece of music is made, it serves to provide a snapshot of the time that ALAN appeared in this world, in this dimension.
These snapshots will eventually make up ALANsWorld – a curation of a creation. At the start of this course Lee oh knee set out to write a story, with ALAN as the protagonist – but as is life, keeping to script (a somewhat linear mode of creativity) – quickly proved itself to be unreflective of the chaotic and therefore random way existence occurs.

Each bit of content that is created ‘for’ ALAN holds a secret story within it and around it. One of the areas Lee oh knee is researching is how the images we give a moments-swipe too on social media and blogs are just nano-bits of information of an unrevealed ‘bigger picture’ (in this sense – a persons real life) which is (that which we cannot see).  In essence, there are people who document their reality online everyday, but what we as a viewer see is a distorted and incomplete overview of what that reality is.  At this time we are able to exist in other-worldly dimensions (the other world being the world-wide-web) – and it is this notion of existing in a virtual state that Lee oh knee is interested in exploring and exploiting.
Therefore, it is not the case to be able to gather a whole story from ALANs posts.  We were never meant to know everything.

One thing that has become apparent is that as Lee oh knee’s world is separate from ALAN’s it is necessary to invoke ALAN when ALAN is needed or wanted. Lee oh knee has established a simple technique of painting small black dots under her eyes as a way to show that ALAN is in, as it were – and readily available. The concept of marking ones body to signify a certain meaning is historical, international, spiritual, and both human and inhuman. These small dots are the only physical presence that ALAN has in this world.

So far she has been playing with different techniques and common internet conventions such as gifs and subtitled stills.Lee oh knee is collecting elements of this online ephemera in physical form – visceral artefacts are been kept as proof that they once existed in this world, even if they were meant for another.

Lee oh knee has developed a slight obsession with collecting things that are Alan related – a selection of Alan profile photos that are on tinder and in close proximity to her for example, as well as other Alan related paraphernalia that seems to manifest itself unwarranted in her real and online life.

Lee oh knee is also experimenting with more unconventional methods of documenting ALAN – the fabric on these train seats in which ALAN was present has been translated into musical notation, the resulting tune is proof that ALAN was there.

You are now listening to songs that have been written for ALAN, some may be byLee oh knee, some may be by other characters that Lee oh knee has envisioned.

Music has become a prominent feature in ALAN’s world – as Lee oh knee is forced to do things she would never do, as ALAN has ALAN’s way,Lee oh knee has written songs and been partaking in live performance – as ALAN.
ALAN is also trying to learn Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata off by heart on the piano, practicing every day – something Lee oh knee would never have done. This quote by Roland Barthes cements Lee oh knee’s dedication to ALAN’s cause, which hopefully will be documented once the task is completed.

ALAN’s world is complex and multi-faceted, if it were to be explained by string theory ALAN may be a loose thread of no discernible length.
ALAN’s world, as our own, could be explained via chaos theory a k a the butterfly effect – so  if ALAN didn’t exist then Lee oh knee would never have seen this seagull, which would have meant she would never have had a conversation about going on TInder, which means she would never have written these words to a complete stranger. (Pause to read for extra embarrassment).
Completely unrelated to tinder – if it wasn’t for ALAN, Lee oh knee would never have captured this ceiling lamp, Nor been present to see this sunset.  Lee oh knee is not yet sure who is the butterfly, her or Alan, or what the chaotic system is in which they both exist – the Internet or life or both or nothing or everything.

Reality is an illusion – we were never meant to know everything.

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