LIOLA X Anerki X Points of Departure

I was given the honour to perform (as ALAN) as part of LIOLA at the closing night of an exhibition (Points of Departure – by a strange turn of events I actually named this exhibition – via Facebook hmm) run by a local arts organisation Silver Vine Arts.

The music we performed was based on some songs written by me, for ALAN, and I would never have played if it weren’t for ALAN.

I’m not really sure how to explain such things…


“I can’t really express in words how much it means to be part of Anerki. It was an amazing event last night, I’m so grateful to everyone that came and shared the experience.. Both as an audience member (everyone was sooooo lovely) and as a performer (like seriously.. How freaking awesome and touching and inspirational was EVERYONE)
If it wasn’t for you beautiful people I would never have started a girl band in my 30’s 😜
I’ve always wanted to get the hell outta Leicester .. But being invited into this crazy awesome creative scene that we’ve got going is changing my mind… Starting to fall in love with my city ha, if only we had some sea 😂
ANYWAY so much love to Leila Houston Zeropence Musick David Conrad Dhonau Johnny McJohnston for everything everything everything… X” ‪#‎Leicester‬ ‪#‎Creativescene‬ ‪#‎CreativeCommunity‬




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