J-st w-lk -w-y / -'ll b- -k / Wh-t-v-r y-- s-y / -'m g-n- / T-k- my br--th -w-y / - d-n't n--d th-s- th-ngs / - d-n't n--d th-m wh-r- -'m g--ng / -'ll b- ok ok ok ok ok


ALAN is in a girl band.


Short description¬†: gl-tchy // d-rk // w-tchy // n–s-

Band members : r-b-cc- + -l-n


what are you dreaming about + why do you look at me that way + what are you afraid of + where have you been // how are you so soft


J-st w-lk -w-y / -‘ll b- -k / Wh-t-v-r y– s-y / -‘m g-n- / T-k- my br–th -w-y / – d-n’t n–d th-s- th-ngs / – d-n’t n–d th-m wh-r- -‘m g–ng / -‘ll b- ok ok ok ok ok

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