It’s Over, ALAN. Again.

So. I did it.  I hung the sign I made for ALAN, it was everything I ever thought it would be.  Super scary.

It felt naughty, excitably so, to go out in the dark with the sign in my bag, with the tape and a small pair of scissors, just incase.

I scoped the area 3 times using 3 different vehicles and at different times of the day/night before I got the nerve to tape the sign to the bridge.  It was windy and raining, I had to battle the elements, onlookers and the very real presence of law enforcement driving around, searching for people up to no good.

I left the sign in place for a couple of nights, long enough for people to see it, short enough for me to retrieve it.

Note to self : Next time you hang a sign made out of a sheet on a bridge outside in real life, use rope.  Not tape.


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