I did it.

I made the executive decision to open ALANs tumblr today. Just now.

What the hell was I waiting for, it was easy.  It’s taken (not literally but it feels like) forever to get to this point.

I have spent the last year fraught with stress over how to start showing the existence of ALAN – I’ve worried myself with how it might look and who cares and why am I doing this and who is ALAN anyway.. but I’ve done it now.  And a weight has been lifted.

All the trauma over how ALAN might come to be has meant that ALAN kinda went into hiding for a few months.. which is ridiculous now I think about it.

I had to just let go of trying to be in control over everything.  I am in control of nothing.  ALAN was never meant to be forced, ALAN comes naturally, I don’t know why I’ve spent so long in the deliberation process..  Well .. I do .. I’m a a perfectionist, and I care too much about what other people think.

Is ALAN art?  I have no idea.



I’ve done it now.


ALAN is live. Alive. A-LIVE.


So there.

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