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Over the past few months – probably since before Christmas – I have been thinking about how to present a consolidation of my work at the final / summer show.

As the intended outcome of my work inevitably changed COMPLETELY from my first proposal (though the main themes remain quite similar), I really had no idea what I was going to do, what I would show, how anything would work.

Thinking back to the interim show – where I did a weird performance with a projection of a video of one of ALAN’s exploits, I knew that for the final show I wanted to do a live performance again – albeit in a slightly different format.  I also knew that I needed more.

I definitely did NOT want to present photos or videos of me / ALAN, as even though that is what the last 2 years have been about – but it did not seem necessary to present evidence of ALAN’s existence, as I know in my heart that as ALAN exists, so do I.  Towards the end of this MA, after writing my essay and really having to figure out exactly what my work is about – and where it goes from here – the natural progression for me was to start running from the theme that everyone is ALAN – or has there own ALAN – and that everyone can be ALAN.  Of course, ALAN is personal to me, but what I mean is that everyone has the capacity to do things that they don’t think they can do – that everyone can live their life as Art, that if Art is actually life then everyone is Art anyway… I’m rambling – but basically I wanted to just share the essence of what ALAN means to me with others.   Rather then showing what ALAN is / was – why not let an audience experience what ALAN is for themselves.

I can’t quite remember what got me onto the idea – but I knew i wanted to create some sort of interactive audio / visual installation that could be a proxy for a standalone world  – where participants could have the opportunity to see and hear themselves differently / from other dimensions, that had the nature of being set apart from reality.  I had hoped that I would start this installation for Whirrr – but money and time of course got in the way – so I shelved the idea in my brain and let it expand there for a bit before I started it.

After a lecture in London during the 2 weeks where all the online students can come together, I learnt of some sites where creative/artist opportunities were listed – and thus started to look for opportunities to apply to.  At the very least it would be an interesting exercise – forcing me to be more concise about my actual art work – and start thinking about my work in context with the actual art world that exists (and that I have had no experience of being a part of before).

I found myself reading a brief that sounded perfect for what I wanted to achieve in my work – and decided to apply.  The application deadline was a coupla days away – so I worked tirelessly into the night – ‘ just incase’ I got it.  I didn’t get it (of course!) but I now had a solid written document that demonstrated exactly what I wanted to show.

It’s here ! :

And here is my artist CV :


The proposal I wrote was based on having won a sum of money in order to prepare an installation.  I don’t have any money (I have lots of minus money) so for the purposes of the MA show I had to start getting (more) creative.  No budget. No team of people to help me.  I needed technicians, carpenters, people that can lift heavy things… but. there was just little weak me.  I’ve made a rabbit hutch before but never an installation worthy piece of art.  I decided to focus on the context of the piece – the overall message – rather than worry tooooo much about how it would look (though of course, I did, a lot.)

You can see in this image dump some of the ways I thought about making self-standing mirrors… I spent WAY too much time on this.  I guess that’s why pro artists have engineers at their disposal right? Ahghh

I had no idea what my installation would look like until I put it up.


After the install and after a VERY useful last minute crit with Jonathan I am ‘happy’ with how it turned out.  I think it says what I need it to say.  And I am looking forward to performing within it and having other people experience the essence of ALAN for themselves.

P1110158 P1110160 P1110162 P1110168

For the show live ambient audio loops will accompany the mirrors, and I am also thinking of having a few instruments available that participants can play within the space, just for fun.



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