I am not sure, dear reader, if you have ascertained this yet, but allow me to confirm, I am an idiot.

This blog was supposed to be updated regularly and show things and show me and show ALAN and show all the things I have learnt in the past year, but (for the reason stated above) I have not posted as much as I should have and am now finding myself having to do a mass posting session to get my blog up to date, in line with my course deadlines.

I am error>full.  I am unorganised and unscheduled.  I want to do everything but nothing nothing nothing.  I hate showing my workings-out and mistakes because I hate showing me.

So, sorry.

What follows is me trying to organise chaos and the dates that accompany the posts hold no relevance.

Thank you for your understanding (please try and understand) in this matter.






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